Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hi everybody! Did this sketch at drawing night last night and decided to put some color on it. Hope you happen to enjoy it.


  1. Gee Wiz, Randy! YOu've been pumping out illustrations! Way to produce! I like how it looks like it actually takes some effort to shoot lasers out of his eyes. I'm also diggin the costume redesign. The lack of outside underwear is definitely a good direction and having it be closer to normal clothes(pants/shirt). Lots o fun!!

  2. Hey Randy! I just found your blog via the Catwoman fan-art competition on Project Rooftop, and I really like your style and art. Loving all your redesigns so far, too. Great stuff :)

    1. Well thanks very much! I like the simplicity and playfulness of your stuff! I particularly like the biker mice from mars redesigns. That was a great show