Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anger Management

Here it is! Anything I should add?


  1. "Sometimes I feel like just going on a rampage stabbing everything."
    "It's okay buddy, we`ve all been there."

    I must say you drew this situation very well.

  2. They have zombie eyes. They could use some irises.... and pupils and stuff. And wolverine should definitely be hairier. Just sayin....

  3. I love how cuddly, and yet big and beefy Hulk is. I like the eyes, but they do need some sort of iris, even if it's about as big as the eye itself and light green so it doesn't call so much attention to itself. Wolvie would be good with some more hair too. I just love the gentile giant!

  4. I would add a chair rail behind the chalkboard. Maybe a window with a cheery little bluebird outside and some rolling hills to juxtapose the tense situation inside. When I picture anger management classes, I picture them in a classroom.
    And I'm with Stephen- zombie eyes...
    The light and shadow look like they're opposite on the Hulk and Wolverine. Make sure you choose one source- I'd recommend the light coming from the left.
    Very fun, Randy! Great storytelling!

  5. <3 this. What do prints run for?