Saturday, June 25, 2011


Okay, so here's another character illustration for Monomyth. Just so you know, trying to attach a human's head onto a lion's body is a lot harder than it may sound. Good heavens. I was hoping to get one or two more of them in there, but I figured one ought to be enough.
I'm still not sure how I feel about the painting. It took me two full days until I was satisfied with the drawing and then I painted it last night and I'm just not sure what to think. Any feedback would be great. Thanks a million


  1. Looks great, Randy!
    I can see what you mean with the head-on-lion's-body dilemma :}
    The only thing I can bring into question is the Centaur's left arm. The forearm muscles seem too prominent/rotated in relation to the angle of the knuckles and wrist. Shouldn't the elbow be more visible/foremost than the muscles during his swing?
    That's the only possible thing I can critique. Maybe darker outlines on the fingers, too.
    Your proportions are great, I like the colors, expressions and overall look of the characters. Keep 'em coming! :D

  2. I think if the sphinx's face looked/read more egyptian it would come of more as a sphinx specifically rather than just a man-headed-lion.

    But that crit depends on if in the Monomyth world the creatures from different cultures have the look of that specific culture, IE: an egyptian looking sphinx, or if a sphinx is just another creature that can have any type of ethnic facial features, like african, asian, or anglo-saxon.

    I'm getting a mostly anglo-saxon feel with the sphinx so far. Maybe a pharaoh goatee or some egyptian makeup or a more egyptian hair do. Adding or changing details might do it, but I think his facial structure could be pushed more egyptian too.

    But like I said, that crit is dependant on the Monomyth world.

    I Really like the changes to your centaur! I like the new color choices of the horse part. The darker brown makes the transition fron the horse to the human/costume nice value wise. I like that the tail is that same dark brown too because there are some awesome shapes there and if it were lighter it might detract from your awesome focal point. I also really like how his hair hooks up with his feet. Good call toning the white down so they aren't a distraction either. I also love the leather horse costuming you added, too. It's similar enough to a saddle that it's recognizable and it fits the horse body, but there's definitely no bridle for this guy.

    I do wonder if your centaur's right hand might be a little big to be going back into perspective.

    Great focal point! The dark back ground really directs my eyes to the light, important areas. The sphinx paws might be a little distracting. but they're an important part too. That one could go either way for me. Right now I go to the paws because of contrast, then to the centaur guy because that's where the paws are going, then to the phinx's face when the centaur is looking, and around and around. I changed my mind. That's a really nice progression and you don't rest on the paws that long anyway. Too much other awesome stuff to see!

    Speaking of too much stuff, last comment, promise. It's nice how the background splatter hints at the stuff his hooves would be kicking up.

    Wow, that was long. Hope it's helpful long!

  3. Holy comments, batman! That's awesome. Thanks Max and Shara for the critiques. I've got a lot of work to do on this guy. I see your point, Shara on the Sphinx not looking Egyptian enough. I didn't even think about that. I think I'll add one of those sweet Egyptian goatees.

    I think his right hand looks a little big because his gloves have these huge cuffs on them, but I'll be sure to fix that, too. I'm just not sure when I'll get to it. I have a hard time revisiting stuff I've done, you know?

    Max, I think you might be right about his arm looking twisted weird and such... I'm thinking it might be because his sleeve looks like it cuts into his arm.

    Anyway, thanks a million for the comments!