Friday, May 6, 2011

new sketches

I haven't posted anything for a LOOOOONG time so I went through some of my sketches and painted a couple of them. Hope you enjoy!


  1. Love the bad guy. I like how he is stalking his way onto the paper!
    I also like the story/relationship between the two on the top. I like how her nose is wrinkled because his come-ons really stink! Her eye brows don't really correspond with the rest of her attitude. I also had an idea that the bench ends right at her left, like she can't get away. The signature in the bench is really clever too! Great stuff!

  2. The guy and girl aren't you and your wife are they? You know, minus glasses. That would such a hilarious couple portrait!

  3. I'm afraid not. that would be pretty awesome, though.

  4. I really like the couple illustration! A few suggestions:
    1. I agree with Shara that you should show the edges of the bench
    2. It would be fun to show his coat either slung over his back or draped over the back of the bench
    3. you might smudge some orangeish leaves in the background to warm it all up just a bit - like they're sitting in a park in the fall

    Otherwise, I think you've come a long way with your color-sense! YAY Randy!

    oh- and what is your opinion of the new Captain America movie?

  5. oh and I think the monster guy's head kind-of looks like Megamind!