Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay, here are a few revisions based on the feedback I received so far... better?


  1. I see you picked the teal fire. Awesome. I also think the light on the horizon to frame Hellboy's face is a great move! I also like the fog on the ground, it softens edges which creates depth, but also creates a sweet mood. A nit-picky crit though. The value in the bottom left corner is nearly the same as the moon. Its really bright when I squint. Toning down her contrast will bring the focus back to Hellboy's face (which is lookin awesome!) Also bring down the value on the broken column on the right. Its also a bit bright. I like the greenish reflective light on the fellas faces. Looking really awesome!!! YOur totally going to dominate the north wall!

  2. A couple thoughts. I like what you've got so you can decide whether or not to use these:

    I think what was said about the moon can be said about the horizon line. The line where the mountains touch the sky is too hard of a line to me. Softening that would help everything to come forward a little.

    One thing that I think might help bring a little more volume to your characters is some dark shadows. Hear me out... You have an awesome sense of what is being lit in this scene by the moon and by liz. But you need more real dark shadows. Since i've been dabbling in 3D some i'll use a 3D term to help explain. It's called ambient occlusion. Ambient occlusion are shadows that would fall on a form regardless of where the lightsource is. For example you might get a little bit of shadowing in the chest/stomach area of hellboy to further communicate form. Or in the folds of hellboy's shirt or abesapians vest etc. They would be subtle. You're doing it a little of what i'm talking about in hellboys nostrils. This might be nitpicky but I think it'd help.

    A few other thoughts. I think the pyramid and the fallen head statue and maybe even the brocken collumn could be cooled down just a tad. They feel about the same color as abes skin and it makes him a little harderto see when squinting. So just cool them down a smidge.

    My last thought is with regards to your most recent change to the image. I have to agree that now hellboy is definitely your focal point. But, I personally miss some of the light on the fire from liz. Right now it could be blueish smoke or something. I think there is an appropriate balance that can be achieved and still keep hellboy the focal point. I think the fact that you've darkened her shirt,hair, etc helps a lot to make hellboy come forward. I think you might be able to get away with putting some brights back into the fire. I think if her entire body were surrounded by fire, which it is, she would be lighter on the outside edge of her form and then progressively darker towards the inside. Here's an example:


    Not the best excample but you see how her form is light all around and goes darker towards the center. That way you can have her in front of flames and she won't attract a ton of attention because she won't be dark on light. Does that make sense? If not don't worry about it haha.

    One last comment and this might be extra picky. I love that hellboy's eyes are glowing and are orangeish. But i'm not so keen on the other two's eyes. I think since liz is a fire person that her eyes should be a light color to resemble her flames. And I think I would choose to make abe's eyes a different color than hellboy's. I think abe would do better with a dark eyes like a fish or something. Just my opinion haha.

    Anyway, i'm super jealous of this image by the way. The composition is awesome and the drawing is crazy sweet haha. Keep em coming :)

  3. Wow, longest comment ever... sorry!

  4. LOoove it! the darks on Liz's body really help! Just lookin super awesome! Way to be amazing! I love your story, background,line quality. Your color has become very sophisticated in a short period of time. I remember when you would shy from color and now look atcha!Awesome Awesome!

  5. okay stevie, I adjusted a few things... not everything... but is it better?

  6. I don't know how to feel about you calling me Stevie haha.. but anyway, I managed to find the older version of the file in my history so I could compare them. It's looking really good. And, I obviously don't expect you to take all of my feedback and apply it. Everyone has their own opinions. But, yeah, i'm really loving what you've got. I agree with Cassie you've definitely been improving leaps and bounds over the last few months. I'm excited to see what's next :)